Here’s an overview of our services:

*  Design consultation
A complimentary design consultation is offered to help us determine your cake needs.

*  Customised cake design
A cake design that best suits you, is the result from a design consultation.

*  Coloured design sketch
A sketch is a visual representation of your customised cake, allowing you to see it first-hand before it materialises as a cake.

*  Cake contract
A cake contract that outlines your event and order details, along with the terms and conditions, will be provided.

*  Take home cake sample box
What’s inside your cake counts!  A take home cake sample box allows you to have a taste of our cakes.

*  Cake collaboration with other vendors
We are able to liaise with other vendors to ensure your cake is well attended.  For instance, if your cake requires fresh flowers, then I need to contact your florist.  Or when your cake is to be delivered, I need to arrange a suitable time with your venue planner, etc.

*  Delivery
A delivery service is available when needed.